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Dior Richard hand palmprint series 】 【 match counters red 】
Large size: 25.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm
Small size: 19.5 x 16 x 6.5 cm
Be a classic with the classics
Fashion the perishable classic forever
Fashion is a rebirth
Saddle Bag since the birth of the original, witnessed the IT Bag all the way to the Anti - Bag IT, and then to tide cycle IT Bag in return;
Don't need to a shrine, because now is better.
For love saddle bag, it is the spirit of Dior brand heritage, as Maria Grazia Chiuri interview explains: "I hope that through this series is the era of classical beauty again.
I think this is dior in recent history classics, is tie-in daily modelling the perfect accessories.
【??Dior saddle 手掌纹系列 】【配专柜??红色??】
大号尺寸:25.5 x 20 x 6.5 厘米
小号尺寸:19.5 x 16 x 6.5 厘米
Be a classic with classics
时尚易逝 经典永存
马鞍包从最初的诞生开始,一路见证了IT Bag到Anti-IT Bag,再到潮流周而复始的IT Bag回归;不必感怀,因为现在的才是更好的。
对于马鞍包的爱,正是Dior品牌精神的传承体现,一如Maria Grazia Chiuri的采访阐述:“我希望通过本系列重现那个时代的经典之美。我认为这是迪奥近期历史上的经典佳作,是搭配日常造型的绝佳配饰。收起dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳dior经典马鞍包g再到潮流周而复始的ITBag回归;不必感怀佳

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