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【 J 'ADio r Ultra mat series of 18 cm.
This year's Ultra mat series special cool, material is very special, metal, leather texture are strong
Grind arenaceous senior matte texture
Skin feels very comfortable
Really much better than the average model
Special able to bear or endure look cool
Ultra mat facing metal accessories, removable chain chain of Logo design is particularly delicate details
Limited collection are highly recommended
Size: 18 x 13 x 5 mm
【J’ADio.r Ultra mat系列18cm】
今年推出的Ultra mat系列一一特别炫酷、 材质也很特别 , 五金 、皮料的质感都很强
磨砂哑光质感 显高级
特别耐看 酷
Ultra mat饰面金属配饰,可拆卸链条??链条上的 Logo设计 细节做的是特别的精致
尺寸:18 x 13 x 5厘收起matmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xtmatmat五金强烈推荐限量款系列尺寸:18xt

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